Spooky Glass Halloween Punch Bowl

For our upcoming Halloween party, we decided to start fresh with all new decorations this year. That means, out with the old and in with the new.

The first thing we decided to upgrade was our punch bowl and cups. We have been using the same plastic pumpkin bowl and cups for five years now, and let’s just say they have seen better days.

After looking up some ideas online, I decided to buy a glass punch bowl from a department store and decorate it myself. I was lucky enough to find some really spooky Halloween themed glass transfers to use.

Lining them up around the top of the bowl, I used four large ghosts with tiny black bats in between. Then I added some spider web transfers around the bottom of the bowl. I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Now I just need to do some glasses!

Bodies Buried Below

After working in a funeral home for several years, I learned a lot about how to bury a body. When the country was taken over by zombies, I knew that I would have to use hydrated lime to dispose of the bodies so that they wouldn’t reincarnate. I purchased several bags of the lime, and whenever I would see a body laying on the street, I would take it to a field, bury it about three feet, and pour lime on top. This would alter the scent, and the zombies wouldn’t be able to find the body. Little did I know that these actions would save thousands of people as they wouldn’t have to live a life of being a zombie for years to come, but it didn’t do a lot for the people who thought they could handle the situation on their own.

Melting Power

It is wise, to always remember and install the air conditioning Manchester before the heat of summer. I decided once, to wait until the heat was so bad I couldn’t stand it. The unit had been sitting near the window waiting to be installed. By the time my husband got around to placing it in the window, we realized that the cord had been in the sun for too long. The plastic around the base of it had melted, causing a short in the wire, making it dangerous to use.

I waited until it was extremely hot to install the unit, and because of the heat, I had to wait a few weeks before I could get a new one. One that preferably had no parts that could potentially melt and ruin the entire unit. Sometimes it is hot enough to melt even those things that are supposed to keep us cool.

Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

Gorgeous paving deserves to the be the center focus of anyone’s home. Your home could easily benefit from having gorgeous permeable paving added to it as mine has had this put into the front quite some time ago. The type of paving I chose was beautiful because it adds depth and richness to my house without being an overly expensive project to have done by a professional company in my area.

The great part about putting the time and emphasis into adding paving to the front of my home is that I know it has added a lot of value to the property so that it can sell quicker and for more money later on in my life. I have chosen to go with paving and it’s definitely something I think many other people should consider for themselves if they want to spruce up their house and turn it into something different.

Incredible looking woman

When I lived in Los Angeles, some of my friends had a bridal makeup artist Manchester who did their makeup for special occasions. After all, when many of your special occasions are attended by some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, you want to look as much like them as you possibly can.

On one particular occasion, the woman one friend went to must have just finished making up Angelina Jolie as, when my friend arrived at her salon, she went to work with creams, powders and brushes and applied makeup just like Angelina herself wears it.

Oddly, my friend looks a little bit like Jolie. The same figure, a similar height, and similar dark hair and alabaster skin. That day, when she left the makeup salon, she looked like her as well. Big pouting, dramatic lips, large kohl-lined eyes, and the most amazingly high cheek bones I had ever seen.

Apparently, makeup can do incredible things for a woman. It can even make her look like Angelina Jolie. Well, until it wears off, of course.

Which left me thinking. I wonder if Angelina Jolie actually looks like Angelina Jolie when she is not wearing makeup? Somehow, I doubt it.

Shopping With A Two Year-Old

I love my two-year old son. He has brought a lot of joy and sunshine to my life. However, he does make life a little more challenging in some ways. Before I had my son, I could go shopping without any interruptions. I could also be in and out of the store in less than 10 minutes.

Now, a 10 minute trip to the store can take over 30 minutes. Last week, I went to the store to purchase some porous paving materials. I could have been in and out in just five minutes. However, my son decided to run around the store. He also wanted to grab on everything. I spent more time running after him than I spent purchasing the materials. It frustrating to say the least, but I would not change being a mommy for anything in the world.

That First Dinner

I met my fiancé on a dating website. Even before we met face-to-face, I knew his business was struggling. As I contemplated his suggestion that we meet in-person, I became anxious. I was eager to see if he was as fascinating in the flesh as he was during our online conversations, but I didn’t want to get roped into extending a business loan to someone I barely knew.

Since he had shared the name of his business with me already and I had yet to share a picture of myself, I visited his shop the day we’d agreed to meet for the first time unconcerned about being recognized. As I wandered the aisles, I quickly became confused by the shop’s lack of visitors.

Bypassing all introductory small talk when we met for our first dinner together hours later, I listened as my fiancé described the problems that were plaguing his fledgling enterprise. I told him about the obstacles my childhood friend had faced while getting her own business off the ground. I also described to him how she’d overcome them by using a Manchester SEO service and advised him to get in touch with one as soon as possible.

That fateful dinner was three years ago. My fiancé now has three stores and he employs more than 120 people, including me. While I’ve enjoyed each date I’ve had with my fiancé, that first dinner is the one that changed our personal and professional lives for the better…forever.